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May issue of Book Links

I always love finding  Book Links in the mail box. This month's issue was no exception. There were lots of super articles (lots of graphic novel info!), but what I got really excited about was this: Did you know about Google Earth Lit Trips?

Check out page 40 of the May Book Links if you have the mag at your library or school. I haven't checked this out myself, but the article says you can go to Google Earth (http://earth.google.com/) and there's a section called "Google Earth for Educators." Within this section "This free site offers a series of screen casts and help sheets that introduce the wide array of Google Earth features. Visit the 'Curriculum Ideas' link for a list of teaching ideas organized by grade level." It goes on to talk about some of the sections-- World Wonders, Exploring Time Zones, and Google Earth Lit Trips. 

The Google Lit Trips are virtual expeditions created by teachers and their students for use in the classroom and are a free resource that pairs the exploration of geography with great literature.

Being as there's a learning curve for me to even get INTO Google Earth, I haven't gotten deep enough to see Google Earth Lit Trips in action. But it sure sounds interesting. I wonder if this will be another cool thing like a teaching guide that helps give a book value (or at least gives teachers cool ideas on how to use the book!) in the school market?

(article, THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOOK, page 40, May 2008 Book Links by Jill Castik and Jessica Mangelson)