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Since I've Already Exposed Myself As a Geek...

Since I've already exposed myself as a geek, I'll show you what my shoes looked like when I ran today:

I had the foot pod that goes to my Garmin Forerunner watch on my right shoe. And, I had a Nike + sensor tied to my left shoe.

See that lovely brown blob? That's the sensor tied in a homemade pouch. I lost my original sensor. Since it's supposed to go IN the Nike + shoe, which I don't wear, I tucked my sensor under my laces...and proceeded to lose it.

I, great waster of money that I am, bought a new sensor yesterday ($19.99 for the sensor. $29.99 for the sensor plus the part that plugs into your iPod). A friend told me they make little pouches that tie to your laces. My running store was out of them. I wanted to use my Nike + gadget when I ran today, without the risk of losing one again. So, I cut the toe off some old pantyhose, put the sensor inside and cut a slit from top to bottom to make "ties" so I could tie it to my shoe. Geeky? Yes. But it worked.

Since I planned on a 16 mile run--indoors--today, I figured I had plenty of time to attempt to properly calibrate both devices, which is why I took both to the gym. Total failure on the Nike +. Moderate success on the Garmin. I'd really like to get an accurate calculation on how many miles I'm running inside. I lose track counting laps. Plus, I want to add stairs to the laps.

The good news is--I don't have too many weeks of indoor running left!

*I did finish my 16 mile run! I did the first and last three alone and several friends took turns running with me in between.


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