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Running Playlists

Yesterday I talked about some of the things that motivate me to keep running, even when I don't feel like it. One thing I didn't mention was MUSIC! Workouts without music are killer, almost impossible to get through. I change my playlist every few months, or whenever I find the music is no longer inspiring me to run longer and faster.

At first, I wasn't too particular. Any music that allowed me to daydream and get lost in my head was fine. Pop music, Broadway tunes, songs from the 70s and 80s, music from my favorite movies. Some of these things still work, but I've noticed that as I've gotten faster, I need music with a faster tempo too.

At last week's 10K, I noticed I was running faster to certain songs (I love to run to Dance, Dance by the Fall Out Boys!),
so I made another new playlist this week, featuring songs by Weezer, Fall Out Boys, Three Days Grace, Orianthi, Bowling for Soup, Good Charlotte, Collective Soul, Plain White T's, Saving Abel and others.

My friends usually help me create my playlists. I'm SO musically challenged, plus I love to run to music that means something to me, music that reminds me of the person who recommended the song. It's fun to think about my friends and their music when I hit an especially difficult stretch of training.

But, seriously people...how did I not know about this song? Where have I been?

Stacy's Mom (embedding is disabled, so you'll have to follow the link.)

While I was on my playlist kick, I asked Lisa Schroeder if she'd share Brooklyn's running playlist from SAVING BROOKLYN. What a GREAT book! With runners, great music, ghosts and romance! A fun, quick read! Click through, listen to the songs and wish Lisa a Happy Birthday!



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Feb. 5th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
When I first started running, I couldn't listen to music. It was too distracting. And I'm glad I ran in silence, because I paid more attention to my body and now I can run longer distances with just my mind as company.

Then I bought my Nano :-P I usually listen to more downtempo music - reggae, dubstep, etc. But I love when the gym pumps power 80's music like Pat Benatar and Journey. Unfortunately the music is loud I can't listen to my own headphones...
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