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Running Karma

I think I have some good running Karma going on.

I may have hurt my hip being stupid last week, which I'm still paying for, but some fun things happened this week.

1. A friend's son signed me up to run on the UPS team for the Groundhog Run. My friend and I are doing the 10K on Sunday.

2. My trainer contacted me last night and asked if I wanted a VIP parking pass to the Groundhog Run. One of her clients had an extra pass to give away.

3. The UPS lady contacted me and told me she had a bracelet that would get us into the UPS hospitality suite on race day.

4. While writing with Lisha, Jenn and Colleen yesterday, this guy at the next table asked us about our writing. I was still tuning him out (I was busy on my new WIP!) when he started talking about the websites he had recently developed. I heard him talking about one of the sponsors for one of the charity races in town and said, "Oh, did you do the site for the Trolley Run?" He did. It  just went live last week.

He asked if I was a runner. We talked a bit about running, and he offered to sponsor a team of runners for the upcoming Trolley Run.(So, if you're in need of a website...the guy's work looks great...and he was nice to a bunch of writer geeks jamming to iPods while typing away on laptops.)

For Sunday's 10K, I'm going to try to run without looking like I'm going on an expedition! I will not be taking any water with me (relying on the water stations)...so I have a new belt that holds much less stuff. Also...see my new shoes with cute, pink laces? Just had to show ya :-) I mean...they're PINK! What's not to love about PINK shoes?!

Oh, and read lisa_schroeder  's CHASING BROOKLYN. Awesome book. Strong characters. Spot on emotions. Great use of RUNNING as therapy. Seriously, people. I'm not sure I could have survived the last year without everything running has done for me. Lisa nailed this. And I hope teens read CHASING BROOKLYN and connect with the story, but also see that training can be a healthy way to deal with their problems.


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Jan. 29th, 2010 04:39 pm (UTC)
Today I will finish Week 2 of "From Couch to 5k"... I was a runner for years before I had kids and knee surgery, but since then have failed whenever I've tried. I realize now, after reading all your posts, that I was too impatient and always thought I should start out running miles and miles. So far, so good.
Jan. 29th, 2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
Good luck on the 10K!!!
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