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Listening to Your Body (Important lesson!)

It appears that I can't take my own advice. I just blogged about how important it is to listen to your body and to follow the 10% rule when running. I know these things. Yet, I'm having to take a day off from cardio because I hurt my knee and hip last week.

I felt great all week and kept piling on the miles. How many days in a row can I run 7+ miles and still maintain my new-found speed?  I wondered. It turns out the answer was six. I had my fastest run ever on Friday (the 6th day) Really fast for me....like one minute per mile faster than what I usually think is challenging. I ended Friday with bloody heels (Yes, tried to break in new shoes on a day I decided to go for speed. Dumb.) By Friday night, I was limping.

At my daughter's indoor soccer and basketball games on Saturday, I stretched on the bleachers, trying to get my knee and hip to pop back into place. It was going to be about 50 degrees and sunny in the afternoon, and I needed, needed, to run.

After lunch, I had just a slight limp. I needed to get out of this place where every sentence uttered began with, "Mooommmmmmyyyyyyyy......" So, I put on my running clothes and took off for a run. About a half a block into it, I could tell running was a bad idea. Eh, surely, my hip will pop back into place if I just keep running! I continued on, noting that I had to keep well below what I consider my easy, "recovery" pace to avoid a shooting pain through my knee.

Three and a half miles later, I hobbled into the house and packed ice on the knee and hip. I didn't get to rest long because it was time to take one of the kids shopping, then church, then out to dinner with friends. Six hours later, I iced again and taped my knee with my new best friend, KT Tape.

Today, my over-achieving behavior will be "rewarded" when I have to do some lame cardio because I have to stick with something non-impact. I'm going to behave this week. I have a 10K this weekend, and I want to see how fast I can run it.